Exhibition Services


For attending China international exhibitions, compared with the professionals who have rich experience in Chinese marketing, there is a big difference for many overseas SMEs` exhibitors, in terms of language and communication, culturale differences, customs, business values, market information, potential customers judge, in-depth analysis of cooperation prospect, product pricing and Chinese marketing strategies. They have their own understanding towards customers, so they will achieve different exhibition effects and results.


HY has a professional international exhibition service team and deep understanding about marketing in China. She provides “one-stop” exhibition services as follows:

  • Assigning personnel to assist in exhibition
    HY can assign professional personnel with language advantage to provide exhibition services according to the characteristics of products prior to mutual communication and approval of customers.

  • Free market analysis of exhibits
    HY has a strong consultation team which can provide analysis of marketing potential and prospect of exhibition products for free, and can introduce plans about how to enter the Chinese market to gain orders and market shares.

  • Inviting potential Chinese purchasers
    HY`s exhibition service team is familiar with the Chinese market and can invite potential Chinese purchasers before exhibition according to the plans of visiting customers’ exhibition stands, and arrange customers to separately communicate with Chinese VIP purchasers, and help them find reliable Chinese partners.

  • Seeking potential long-term purchasing partners
    During the exhibition, HY`s personnel will seriously listen to the inquiry of purchasers, identify the problems that concern purchasers most, and do our best to seek business opportunities and potential long-term purchasing partners for our customers.

  • Assisting customers in investigating and purchasing
    HY can assist customers in investigating the Chinese market, share management experience with similar companies in China, and help customers to purchase advanced equipment with super quality and competitive price in China.

  • Setting up China Representative Office
    HY can help customers to set up China Representative Office and joint ventures.

  • Escort tour
    Besides assisting in exhibitions, HY also has professional guides in its team to schedule short-term tours and shopping plans according to customers’ requirements, and we guarantee the quality of services.

  • “One-stop” services related to exhibitions
    HY provides other customer-oriented services related to exhibitions, such as interpreting, product sample translation, and flight ticket and hotel reservation, design and building of exhibition stands,exhibits transportation and so on.

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