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The company adheres to the philosophy of “people- oriented” and jointly starting business, builds the project teams based on product and provides young aspiring people with a cooperation platform for business start-up and their career development.


Job Vacancies:

E-commerce customer service commissioner

Job responsibilities

1. In charge of all the e-commerce work, designing different forms of promotion plans, such as PPC, online advertising, emails, text messaging, social networking software and forum marketing and other promotion forms;

2. Formulate promotion objectives, and specifically promote contents on the website, and track and give feedback on the implementation;

3. In charge of all the work related to promotion, and timely resolve problems arising on the website during promotion;

4. Write analysis reports about promotion effect, constantly adjust promotion strategies and make maximum use of promotion resources;



1. Marketing and related majors, above junior college level;
2. Over 3 years working experience related to e-commerce;
3. Team player and can work under pressure.


If you have any other good projects and ideas, please contact us:

Ms. Wang

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