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Title: China Jiangsu baoteng machinery Industrial Co., Ltd  is  searching  for  Agent/Distributor
Contact Person: Mr. Yang
Telephone: 86-0517-86816098

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Jiangsu Baoteng Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in new wall materials ( high strength standard bricks, blind hole brick, various blocks, cement tile color, products of high technology research and manufacturing. The company accumulated years of technical experience, with a number of Chinese architectural design institutes cooperation and common development, produced many series, many specifications of the new wall materials equipment, waste in solid waste with smoke, waste water comprehensive management, development and utilization of going out on a new high-tech content of the new road.

AAC Block Production Line

BT-QT4-40 concrete block making machine

BT-QT4-25 hydraulic block making machine,block molding plant etc.

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